3rd Party Verification Record Retrieval

When you need to review or play back a TVP quick so you can respond to a customer, FCC, or PUC inquiry, you can at any time. For no additional cost, you can retrieve 3rd party verification records via telephone or a secure web site day or night. If you choose to use the convenience of web site review, you can count on simple sorting by date, telephone number, agent ID number, or Verbatim TPV ID number. Then you can either listen to the TVP or send it to the other interested party, whether it's a customer or a regulatory representative.

Verbatim TPV by Telephone

If you prefer checking into this system by phone, know that you will be provided with a toll-free number. That way, without having to go through the complicated process of setting up a special phone plan, without having to worry about PBX routing tables or the extra step involved with special dialing codes, you can gain cost-free access to the system.

It's easy to implement. Once you've programmed the provided number into your phones or predictive dialers, you'll have in place a streamlined method of making the most of our 3rd party verification service.

Archiving and Access

In terms of ease of use, you should know that it's our priority that you are able to gain immediate entry into your records. That's why all of our TPVs are stored and ready for your review any time of day or night for the first ninety days. Thereafter, you can easily notify a Verbatim TPV representative if you need to review a record, and we'll reload it for you with no additional charge. Archived TPVs are stored at a secure, separate locale.

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"We have been using VerbatimTPV for over 10 years. Their customer service and price are excellent. I can count on the VerbatimTPV to always be working, which is important to our business. VerbatimTPV is able to make changes to our scripts very quickly."
--Kim Norman Cortina
--FamilyHealth Ins. Network, Inc.

"I would strongly recommend that any Telemarketing operation use VerbatimTPV as their Verifier. In our business, we receive many questions, and challenges from our customers concerning the product they purchased and at what price. In every case VerbatimTPV had the TPV we needed available for playback. Once the customer can hear their own voice agreeing to the product sale, they are happy and so are we."
--Patrick Oíhare
--Global Telemarketing Solutions, Inc.

"Great price. Great customer service. Very dependable. We can rely on VerbatimTPV to meet our service requirements. We have a large daily call volume that canít wait. VerbatimTPV is always up and working. This is one part of my business that I donít have to worry about."
--Carl Beaverman
--Sense Cablevision, Inc.