Third Party Verification Service

Welcome to everything you ever wanted to know about Verbatim TPV phone recording system but didn't know to ask! From our promise of a quick start and short ramp-up time to the securely archived records you can access when you need them, we'll relay the facts about our uniquely reliable voice logging system. You'll hear all about script changes, multi-lingual options, website or phone access to records, emailed reports of call activity and more as you get details on our third party verification service that will keep you in compliance, protect your business, or both.

Order Verification Service

We started back in 1995 doing something completely different. Regulatory bodies were requiring a witness to sales exchanges, especially for communications companies, and live voice-operated third party verification service options not only multiplied, they also got more expensive. We wanted to help businesses respond to requirements for order verification service without losing loads of capital, so we took our understanding of automated recording options and digital technology, and we created Verbatim TPV. Ever since, compliance has been affordable and much more reliable. Read on to learn more.

Voice Logging System

Perhaps you don't fall under the regulations but you want to have records of agent-customer interchange anyway. Maybe you've encountered one too many disputes along the way, disagreements that could easily have been resolved with a clear recording from an order verification service. If that's the case, you'll be glad to know that making this move won't cost you an arm and a leg, and it won't take very long to get started. You won't need special equipment and you won't have trouble changing the script to reflect changes in your business and product offerings. Finally, you won't be jumping through hoops to access records from this voice logging system.

You will have a pay-as-you-go 3rd party verifier service that can advance the efforts of your sales agents and protect your assets, whether you're required to be compliant or not. The articles that follow will relay the details about this simple system, so read on. Or you can contact us and get started now.

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"We have been using VerbatimTPV for over 10 years. Their customer service and price are excellent. I can count on the VerbatimTPV to always be working, which is important to our business. VerbatimTPV is able to make changes to our scripts very quickly."
--Kim Norman Cortina
--FamilyHealth Ins. Network, Inc.

"I would strongly recommend that any Telemarketing operation use VerbatimTPV as their Verifier. In our business, we receive many questions, and challenges from our customers concerning the product they purchased and at what price. In every case VerbatimTPV had the TPV we needed available for playback. Once the customer can hear their own voice agreeing to the product sale, they are happy and so are we."
--Patrick Oíhare
--Global Telemarketing Solutions, Inc.

"Great price. Great customer service. Very dependable. We can rely on VerbatimTPV to meet our service requirements. We have a large daily call volume that canít wait. VerbatimTPV is always up and working. This is one part of my business that I donít have to worry about."
--Carl Beaverman
--Sense Cablevision, Inc.